Destiny Malone

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Base Camp Coding Academy student and aspiring software engineer.

I am currently enrolled at Base Camp Coding Academy in Water Valley, Mississippi. At Base Camp, I am learning the skills necessary to be a competitive full stack web application developer. I have been building my skills in Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Django, Git, Java, Spring Boot, and PostgreSQL.


Movie Theater API

Java and Spring Boot

Movie Theater
  • BCCA REST API project for managing movies and rating with Spring Boot
  • Built using Java, Spring Boot, and PostgreSQL
  • Tested API using Postman
  • Performed database administration with PgAdmin
  • Source Code on GitHub

Ascent - Initiatives Team

Python and Django

Initiative Team
  • BCCA project created to demonstrate mastery of Django web framework
  • Developed features required for users to create and manage student-lead initiatives and publish progress reports
  • Found and fixed performance issues (N+1 bugs)
  • Maintained 100% test coverage
  • Participated in morning stand-ups to gauge progress on the process
  • Full production application
  • Source Code on GitHub

Library Management System

Python and Django

Library Management
  • BCCA Backend project created to manage library inventory
  • Developed routing, business logic, and database layer allowing users to check-in and check-out books
  • Source Code on GitHub

Mystical Maze

JavaScript, HTML and CSS

  • Draws maze for a player to navigate through based on multi-dimensional arrays
  • Implemented using vanilla JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Developed "illuminate on move" feature to increase drama and challenge
  • Source Code on GitHub

About Me

I am one of seven children. I love increasing my knowledge in different areas but education is what my mother valued over any other extra activities. I have too large of a family to not be drawn to helping others with their journey, while still learning what route I should follow along in my own journey. This is what brought me to the idea of designing projects; which inspired individuals would utilize in the near future. The thought of being one who positively affect someone's life is what drives me to make something of myself.

I'm driven to grow my career as a web developer and build software that matters to its users. I'm currently learning how to be a full-stack web developer at Base Camp Coding Academy. At Base Camp, we are taught to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Django, Java, and a multitude of other beneficial factors to assist with learning what it takes to ship features to users.

Work Experience

Job Shadowing, C Spire

Ridgeland, MS (March 09, 2020 - March 15, 2020)

Advocate, Base Camp Coding Academy

Water Valley, MS (October 2019 - PRESENT)

Security Associate, WESS - A Gardaworld Company

Oxford, MS (August 2019 - PRESENT)

Crew Member, McDonald's

Biloxi & Oxford, MS (June 2017 - May 2019)