During this static site project, the skills tested were HTML Document Structure, CSS Syntax, Linking Between Pages, CSS Naming, Page Layout, and Code Formatting

The CodePen activities were given by the instructor. The link is going to provide a visual for you to see a few of the work that I have done which exercises my HTML and CSS skills further.


I Am A Maker

I am drawn to designing projects that inspired individuals would utilize in the near future. The thought of being one who positively affect someone else's life is what drives me to make something of myself.

Learning Web Development

I'm driven to grow my career as a web developer and build software that matters to its users. I'm currently learning how to be a full-stack web developer at Base Camp Coding Academy. The students are taught to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Django, Java, and a multitude of other beneficial factors to assist with learning what it takes to ship features to users.